This site illustrates some of the features and structures of the Weaver Xtreme Theme as well as its advanced “Plus” Plugin.

  • The Theme site can be found here: Theme Site.
  • Make sure to to explore the various pages, and visit the Support Forum here: Support Forum
  • User Theme overview here: Theme Overview
  • For users of the previous generation Weaver II and Weaver II Pro, you will find a comparison here: Xtreme versus Weaver II
  • There are also converters to go from Aspen and Weaver II to Xtreme, and a detailed procedure here.

The versatility of Weaver Themes is best seen in the sites created by its users .
Below are a few of the websites Weaver users have created with Weaver Themes.
(Full resolution images as well as the list of the actual sites URL can be found here: Showcase)
(Slideshow below created with the Weaver Show Slider Plugins)